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Friday, February 22, 2013

25% Discount - Like My Facebook Page

Just for going to my Facebook page, RC's Master Troubleshooting Facebook Page, and liking my page, you will receive a first-time mechanical repair discount of 25%.  This is the gist of the page, but you MUST go to my Facebook Page and like it. 

Also, if you make a referral via the same route, you too will receive a 25% discount.

I'm making an offer through the end of February of a 25% discount to all NEW customers who LIKE MY PAGE on Facebook and mention this ad when calling, emailing or messaging me in some manner on the internet and making their appointment for v...ehicle repair. You must make your appointment in February, but may choose to use it through March, 2013. You MUST mention the post on Facebook and give me your name so that I can verify your "like". You can reach me at 706-445-8029 or my partner Eve at 706-755-3167
If you REFER someone who does business with me, you will also receive a 25% discount on YOUR business as well and you may redeem this discount through April of this year, 2013, at least. Depending on how well this does, I may extend it for another month, through March, 2013. My website is and my Google blog is
          I do automotive repair on motorcycles, specializing in Harley-Davidson, automobiles including foreign and domestic, trucks including 4-wheel drive and SUV, RV's, watercraft from jetskis to yachts, riding lawn mowers and just about anything with any size motor. I also some SOME after-hours and emergency repairs. In these cases, it may be necessary to give me a very nominal deposit upon arriving at your location.

I offer local and out-of-state referrals.

In addition, my partner and I are restoring our '66 Ford Mustang and may sell it, even in mid-restoration. We are open to ideas, suggestions, and more for places to get original Mustang parts, ideas, etc.

'66 Ford Mustang, classic car, antique car, automobile restoration'66 Ford Mustang, classic car, antique car, automobile restoration'66 Ford Mustang, classic car, antique car, automobile restoration

For those who haven't checked out my Website - RC's Master Troubleshooting, here is a view of most of the first page ... check it out!

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