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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cure Click Clinical Trial

Cure Click - High Cholesterol and At Risk Factors for Heart Disease - Ok, this is a little different than my usual post! This is a site that I have become familiar with and find very relevant to my life. I am a Cure Click Trial Ambassador and to find out more about how YOU can become a Cure Click Trial Ambassador too, just click here. I am participating right now in a pilot program for people with High Cholesterol and Risk Factors for Heart Disease. This is pretty personal to me for a couple of reasons, at least. My father died of heart disease which runs in my family and high cholesterol is prevalent in our family as well. We can ALL make a difference if we just get involved in our lives and our health.

PLEASE get involved in your life and at least CLICK to find out more, and help ME out as I participate in this pilot program as well by CLICKING for a cure!

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